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About This Help

About This Help
Welcome to Adobe® LiveCycle® ES (Enterprise Suite) SDK Help. This Help is intended for developers who want to build components and client applications that programmatically interact with the services in LiveCycle ES.
Use this Help to learn about the following aspects of the LiveCycle ES SDK:
How to develop client applications that access LiveCycle ES APIs using ActionScript or Java™, or that use exposed WSDLs on native SOAP stacks.
This Help contains step-by-step information about using the APIs to develop components and client applications and provides complete code examples, called Quick Starts, that you can use to get up and running immediately.
Additional information
Refer to the following documentation to learn more about LiveCycle ES.
LiveCycle ES solution components
The programming interfaces licensed for use with each LiveCycle ES solution component
Changes that may need to be made when upgrading applications built with LiveCycle 7.2 APIs


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