About LiveCycle Data Services

LiveCycle Data Services provides a comprehensive set of data-enabling features, which are deployed in a Java web application. LiveCycle Data Services provides a messaging infrastructure for building data-rich Flex applications. This infrastructure underlies the LiveCycle Data Services features that are designed for moving data to and from applications: RPC services, the Data Management Service, and the Message Service.

The following table describes the types of services provided in LiveCycle Data Services:



RPC services

Provides a call and response model for accessing external data. Lets you create applications that make asynchronous requests to remote services that process the requests, and then return data to your Flex application. For more information, see About RPC services.

Data Management Service

Provides data synchronization between application tiers, real-time data updates, on-demand data paging, data replication, occasionally connected application services, and integration with data sources through adapters. Lets you create applications that work with distributed data, and lets you manage large collections of data and nested data relationships, such as one-to-one and one-to-many relationships.

For more information, see About data management.

Message Service

Provides messaging services for collaborative and real-time applications. Lets you create applications that can send messages to and receive messages from other applications, including Flex applications and Java Message Service (JMS) applications.

For more information, see About messaging.

LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.5


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