Workspace ES URL parameters

You can include parameters in the URL for Workspace ES so that hypertext links open to a specific area of Workspace ES. For example, if you are including the link to a task in a task notification email, the link can open the task in the web browser.

Workspace ES URLs have the following format:

http://[server name]:[port]/workspace?[parm]=[value]

The following table lists the parameters and their valid values.

Parameter name




The ID of an existing task.

Opens the form for the task in the To Do page.


The following values are valid:

  • startProcess
  • toDo
  • tracking

Opens a specific Workspace ES page. The value determines the page:

startProcess: The favorite area of the Start Process page.

toDo: The To Do page.

tracking: The Tracking page


[service name].[endpoint name]

  • [service name] is the name of the service for a process version.
  • [endpoint name] is the name of the Task Manager endpoint that has been created for the service.

Opens the form in the Start Process page for invoking the process.

For example, the following URL opens the form for a process named SimpleMortgageLoan-PDF with a TaskManager endpoint named SimpleMortgageLoan-PDF:


Tip:   The ID of a task is not defined until the task is created. The ID of a task which an Assign Task operation creates is available when the render service of the input form variable executes. You can use the render service to obtain the task ID.

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