Section A - DDX User Guide DDX document structure DDX building blocks DDX principles Result elements Source elements Sibling and child elements Filter elements Profile elements Input and output Using page elements Odd and even pages Specifying length Assembling and Disassembling PDF Documents Specifying source documents About base documents Page ranges Other source attributes Grouping PDF sources Specifying multiple input streams Saving PDF documents Disassembling PDF documents Understanding PDF packages Specifying a cover sheet Defining the package specification Working with package files Combining a PDF package to a single PDF Working with Bookmarks Including and excluding bookmarks Exporting and importing bookmarks Creating bookmarks from source documents Removing thumbnails Working with Annotations Including and excluding comments Importing and exporting comments Selecting specific comments Working with links Removing links Rationalizing links Working with File Attachments Preserving and deleting file attachments Attaching files to a PDF document Document-level file attachments Page-level file attachments Extracting file attachments Understanding file name encoding Setting Other Document Properties Working with metadata Modifying metadata properties Working with layers Setting the initial view Working with forms Flattening forms Restrictions on documents containing forms Using document level JavaScript Adding and Manipulating Page Content Adding and removing headers and footers Adding headers and footers Removing headers and footers Adding and removing watermarks and backgrounds Overlaying and underlaying pages Understanding rendering order Understanding blending color spaces Specifying styled text Style attributes Applying identifying labels Built-in keys Using style profiles Formatting dates Transforming page content Specifying Page Labels About page labels Specifying page labels Removing page labels Setting Page Properties Applying page properties Page size and rotation Changing page size Rotation and orientation Interaction of page properties and content Prepress settings Page margins Working with Secured Documents Specifying passwords Accessing a password-protected document Digital signatures Querying Documents Getting document information Getting the text of a document Getting information about the DDX processor Section B - DDX Reference Guide DDX Reference Element relationships and roles Attributes, child elements, and text content Attribute names, formatting, and possible values Child elements Text content Element categories Document assembly Document components Navigation Comments File attachments Document disassembly Document properties Page labels Page properties Page content Profile Query Built-in keys _AdobeCoverSheet Special DDX attribute values Page and document ranges PDF packages Assembly behavior of PDF documents Specifying the cover sheet for a PDF package Defining the package specification Working with package files Combining a PDF package into a single PDF Transforming a single PDF into a PDF package DDX Language Elements About ArtBox AttachmentAppearance Author Background BlankPage BleedBox Bookmarks Bookmarks result Bookmarks source Bookmarks filter Center Comments Comments result Comments source Comments filter DatePattern DDX Description DisplayOrder DocumentInformation DocumentText Field contained in Schema element Field contained in DisplayOrder element Field contained in SortOrder element FieldData File FileAttachments FileAttachments result FileAttachments document-level source FileAttachments page-level source FilenameEncoding Footer Header InitialViewProfile JavaScript Keyword Keywords Left LinkAlias Links Links result Links source Links filter MasterPassword Metadata Metadata result Metadata source NoBackgrounds NoBookmarks NoComments NoFileAttachments NoFooters NoForms NoHeaders NoJavaScripts NoLinks NoPackage NoPackageFiles NoPageLabels NoThumbnails NoWatermarks NoXFA OpenPassword OutputIntent Package Package defining element Package filter element Referencing a package contained in a StyleProfile element PackageFiles Package file modifying elements PackageFiles source elements PackageFiles filter elements PackageFiles select elements PackageFiles result elements PackageFiles import elements PageContent PageLabel PageMargins PageOverlay PageRotation PageSize PageUnderlay Password PasswordAccessProfile PasswordEncryptionProfile PDF PDF result PDF source PDFGroup PDFsFromBookmarks PDFAProfile Permissions Right Schema SortOrder StyledText Attributes used in the rich text elements Inheritance Attributes Font family naming issues Font variations, extensions and subsets Rich text elements b BatesNumber Built-in key graphic i leader p Space span String StyledText sub sup StyleProfile Subject TableOfContents TableOfContentsEntryPattern TableOfContentsPagePattern TargetLocale Title Transform TrimBox Watermark About Language About XML language reference About Build Copyright Processor Version Document Information Language About the DocInfo XML language Categories of DocInfo data DocInfo reference DocInfo Author CreatedDate Creator DisplayOrder FormType Keyword Keywords ModifiedDate NumPages Package PageLabel PageLabels PageRotations PageSize PageSizes PageRotation PDFAConformance PDFAValidation Producer Schema SortOrder Subject Title Version Bookmarks Language About the Bookmarks language Intent of bookmarks in a PDF document XML representation of bookmarks Bookmarks XML language reference Action Bookmark Bookmarks Desc Dest File Fit FitB FitBH FitBV FitH FitR FitV GoTo GoToE GoToR Launch Named Target Title URL Win XYZ Supported character encodings Document Text Language About the DocText XML language Text encoding DocText reference DocText Page P1 P2 P3 P4 Quad TextPerPage WithQuads Word Attachments Language About the Attachments XML language Attachments reference Attachment Attachments Description File FileName Location Page PackageFiles Language About the PackageFiles language PackageFiles reference PackageFiles root element PackageFile File Description FieldData Package Schema DisplayOrder SortOrder Extended Services External Data URL attribute value PDFGenerationSettings ReaderRights XFAConversionSettings XFAData About This Help Adding Pages to an Assembly Adding a table of contents Formatting a table of contents Adding blank pages Copyright and Trademark Notices New DDX Elements Additional information Dynamic document assembly URL References for Sources and Strings Automatic Conversion of source documents to PDF documents Introducing Document Description XML Adding page content Extensions ViolationDetail Violation Color-specifier length-specifier Field