Contains the low-level classes required to build data models which are shared in real-time.

 Baton Baton is a model class which provides a workflow between users.
 BatonProperty BatonProperty is a model component which manages a property of any type that only one user can edit at a time.
 CollectionNode CollectionNode is the foundation class for building shared models requiring publish and subscribe messaging.
 SharedCollection SharedCollection is a simple ListCollectionView which is shared across the LCCS services.
 SharedObject SharedObject is used to store data in an unordered hash (key-value) across the LCCS services; elements can only be accessed using its key.
 SharedProperty SharedProperty is a model (and ui-less component) that manages a variable of any type and which is shared amongst all users connected to the room.
 SimpleChatModel SimpleChatModel is a model component which drives the SimpleChat pod.
 UserQueue UserQueue is a model class that can be used to create and manage queues of users who are making requests.


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