Classpublic class LocalAuthenticator
InheritanceLocalAuthenticator Inheritance AbstractAuthenticator Inheritance

LocalAuthenticator is a development-only authenticator for use with the Local Server tool which enables offline development of LCCS applications. With the exception of streaming components (i.e. Audio and Webcam components), most LCCS components work with the Local Server.

This tool has the following features:

Starting the local server
Local Connection Server

To use this class replace AdobeHSAuthenticator with LocalAuthenticator. Start the local server by opening the LCCS SDK Navigator, selecting the tools tab, and choosing Local For a working example, see LocalConnection in the SDK's "sampleApps" directory.

Using LocalAuthenticator to develop applications with the local server tool
  <rtc:LocalAuthenticator id="auth" userName="AnyArbitraryName"  />
    <rtc:ConnectSessionContainer id="cSession" authenticator="{auth}" width="100%" height="100%" >
    <mx:VBox width="100%" height="100%" >
     <rtc:Note width="100%" height="100%" />
     <rtc:SimpleChat width="100%" height="100%" />

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Public Properties
 PropertyDefined by
 InheritedauthenticationKey : String
For applications that leverage LCCS's external authentication capabilities, authenticationKey is used to receive a unique, signed string created from the developer's shared secret and the user's username, password, and role.
 InheritedauthenticationURL : String
Allows a developer to specify the URL of a LCCS-compatible authentication service; it is not needed for many applications.
 InheritedisGuest : Boolean
isGuest returns whether or not the supplied parameters require that the user be admitted as a guest only.
 Inheritedpassword : String
password is only required when Adobe IDs are used; therefore, it is likely that only developers would need this parameter except during development.
 InheriteduserName : String
When authenticationKey is not used, userName is required upon room entry; when a someone enters as a guest, the name becomes the user's display name.
Public Methods
 MethodDefined by
 EventSummaryDefined by
 Inherited Dispatched if user log in fails.AbstractAuthenticator
 Inherited Dispatched after user log in succeeds.AbstractAuthenticator
Constructor detail
public function LocalAuthenticator()


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